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Hiring is completed for the 2024 summer.
Please check back in early 2025
for new opportunities

The Details:


We are looking for people who are good role models with a genuine,

enthusiastic interest in other people, especially children and your co-workers.

The pre-season regimen preparing the club for opening is physically demanding. 

No joke, it is hard work requiring absolute teamwork.

Once the club is open we place a premium on interpersonal skills.

Successful applicants will be open, honest, energetic and imaginative

with an outgoing personality and a good sense of humor.


All full time positions pay $15/hour

(six days per week, approximately 15 hours guaranteed overtime)

and include free housing on the beach,

internet, kitchen and laundry facilities and staff lunch at the club snack bar.

You'll also have the opportunity to earn extra money bartending evening events.

2024 Staff Appreciation Fund potential earning includes

-sign-on bonuses for new and returning employees, 

- incremental bonus for working through your committed date

- additional bonus for working through Labor Day

While the job can start at a mutually agreed upon date between late May and very early June,

it is a job requirement to stay through the second day after

Labor Day, September 4, 2024. 

If you cannot satisfy this obligation, please do not apply.

Applicants need to be at least 18 years old, be in good physical condition with no limitations,

hold a current driver's license and will need three written work references

and a personal interview to be hired.

Lifeguard certification is recommended for all positions.

Due to the intimate nature of the living/working conditions here, both to promote diversity and forestall the formation of cliques, please know that we do not ordinarily hire more than one student from the same 'source', be that a college/university, hometown, etc.

Fluent English is expected of all applicants.

If you are not an American citizen a current driver's license, a valid J-1 visa with a form DS-2019

and Social Security number (available locally) are required for employment.

To Apply:


1. Read the Details (above) and FAQs (below) carefully


True fact, we receive hundreds of inquiries each year for only nine positions. 

When possible, please send your application and written references together. 

You may want to submit a written statement which would be

more meanigful than a 'form' cover letter many applicants provide.


2. Submit completed application form 
and mail or email three written work references.


These can be sent to


37 Chappaquiddick Road

Edgartown, MA 02539


3. Once all of your application materials have been received,
you will be contacted regarding a personal interview.


Interviews will take place on site at the Chappaquiddick Beach Club or by Zoom.



If I cannot stay until the second day after Labor Day and am willing to forfeit the bonus, can I still work there?

No! We rely on our staff to "put the club to bed" for the winter prior to their departure.  This cannot be accomplished in the allotted time by any fewer than the full crew.  To be considered for employment and to be considered for the bonus you must commit to working through September 4, 2024.

What do you mean, written work reference?

A recommendation, in writing, from a previous employer, which should contain a favorable statement concerning their opinion of your character and qualifications for the job you are seeking. 

Avoid academic references and those provided by family-run businesses,

as those circumstances are inevitably too 'warm & fuzzy' to be objective.

What if I prefer to live elsewhere on the island with friends?

That's fine but your compensations will not change if you don't take advantage our our housing.


Do I need a car?

No, but a bike is handy!  The club is  5 minute walk and a 3 minute ferry ride

from Edgartown and its movie theaters, shops and restaurants.


Why a personal interview?

 We feel that it is important to get a good 'snapshot of an applicant. 

It is equally important that the prospective employee get a good sense of the beach club. 

Our environment is unique and coming here can be useful in determining if it is the right one for you.

What are the accommodations like?

Staff accommodations consist of single sex, double-occupancy bunkrooms on the beach, with beds, dressers and under bed storage unit/closet.  Across the street is a fully-equipped staff kitchen/commons area, complete with telephone/Internet access and a laundry. 

All these are provided at no cost to the students who work here,

however you must provide your own food.


Job requirements:


18 years or older

Valid Driver's License

​Lifeguard Certified

Work through 9/4/24


-sign-on bonuses for new and retruning employees, 

- incremental bonus for working through your committed date

- additional bonus for working through Labor Day


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